About Us


Asian Gems & Jewellery, which commenced operations in 1960, counts over four and a half decades in business operations. As suggested by the name this organization which is a second generation family business deals in all varieties of cut and polished precious and semi precious gemstones and exquisite jewellery.


During the recent past the focus of business has shifted towards the foreign markets, with a varied clientele, from Europe , Asia and America . The demand too shows a great deal of variance. The European clients coming from Scandinavian countries, Germany , England and France .

The Asian customers come from Japan, China, Indonesia and Singapore.

The export of gemstones to the American markets constitutes almost 20 % of our total gem exports.


We pride ourselves in producing some of the most singular and unique jewellery not only in the country but also in the world. Our craftsmen who are traditional father – to – son fourth and fifth generation craftsmen, produce one or two pieces of the most exquisite, hand crafted jewellery, so that the wearer of the jewellery could be certain that he or she is wearing only one of a kind. We produce jewellery in Platinum, white gold, gold and silver.

The team of designers headed by co-owners specialize in designs which cater not only to the individual but also to the culture and preferences of the client.

Asian Gems and Jewellery has had the privilege of holding numerous exhibitions in many Japanese cities from Hokkaido to Kyushu . Many such exhibitions were also held in Singapore .


The force behind the success of this organization are the two brothers who are the co-owners of the establishment. They are D K Upali Vasantha and D K Gamini Vasantha.


Asian Gems and Jewellery is an entity authorized by the Ceylon Tourist Board, and Licensed by the Gem Authority of Sri Lanka. They are also members of the International Chamber of Commerce